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Do the work, because the work will teach you.

This is me, @cardboard.erik back in 2015. In the early days, I did everything the hard way. All of our green coffee bags were schlepped by hand, all of our batches were scaled out by scoop, all of the roasting was done by adjusting little levers and knobs and our roast logger was an accounting binder with all the variables logged live as I roasted. 

Valiant - possessing or showing courage or determination.

When we named our business, we chose this name because it symbolized what we wanted to become. Even though we didn’t consider ourselves “valiant” we knew and believed with time and persistence, we could become Valiant.

It was over 8 years ago that we bought our roaster. In that time we’ve moved 3 times, added to our team, and seen some move on. We’ve roasted countless pounds of coffee, and we’ve developed our business in ways we never thought possible.