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Off to Engineering

Thanks for taking a minute to check out what's going on.


Here's whats new. Architectural plans have been sent out to bid engineering. This puts us about 4-6 weeks from being able to submit to the town, which is both exciting and terrifying. I've never actually opened a cafe myself so this is all big and scary and new, but I'm convinced that with your support, its going to be great!


I've updated "The Builder Project" and given it a bonus! Now when you choose the swag you want, we'll also give you $1 off every in store order. You'll just need to wear your hat, beanie or bring in your mug. This discount last for the first year we're open and can be used once a day. 


I often find it extremely difficult to ask for help, and at this point, I'm still trying to figure out how to do it tactfully. In all honesty, there is huge part of human interaction that I do not understand. Things like socially acceptable, professional, or what not. My brain isn't wired to pick up on these types of cues. I'm not wired with an innate understanding of emotions or how to tap in to that to leverage a response.

However, I excel at making things. I can craft, build, get highly technical, and the my best attribute is that I really care about people. Sure I definitely struggle to connect, but I honestly, deeply care about others.  So why coffee, why a coffee shop?  I think that it gives me a conduit to connect with others.  Sometimes my ideas or understanding of concepts is so far removed from the typical understanding, that it just sounds way eccentric and out there.  But coffee is something that nearly everyone loves.

Building this coffee shop would completely change the way we do business. It would help us have space to welcome you in, share our learning, process, and methods. For the last 7 years we've been basically moving from cave to cave, sort of hiding out in the background, trying to make it work, and this is our shot to break out into the public, to create a space we are proud of, and invite you in and show you what we love to do.

In the last 7 years, we've connected with a lot of people, I think there are over 1500 contacts in our Shopify customer list, but we don't get to interact with you all in a personal way, this shop would change that radically!

So I guess, again, if you're reading this, would you consider supporting us?  Purchasing a Builder Project Item?  Support our little dream of stepping out into the public?  We'd be really grateful!

All the best,

Erik Werner

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