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I woke up with this song in my head, and I thought its tone fit this blog.  Enjoy!


I wanted to take a minute to share an update about what's going on at Valiant. In my pondering and thinking, I got a little wordy, but with help, it was pared down to this. 

Valiant is building a Coffee Shop! We're calling it:

The Valiant Cafe & Roastery!

Since 2014 we have been dreaming about a space to make our own – a space to serve coffee, host classes, and most importantly meet y’all face to face. A cafe has been the obvious solution for Valiant and while that dream has felt impossibly distant at times it is finally within our grasp!

We are stoked to share that we have an amazing space in downtown Loomis that will be the new home of Valiant Coffee!

Valiant was born from a desire to explore the world of coffee and invite others along with us on the journey. The desire to lead folks in confidence has kept us motivated to workwhile we dream and we’ve used the time to pursue excellenceand improvment with an unyeiding spirit. We’ve grown in confidence through our wholesale partnerships, upgraded our subscription system, and discovered new coffees! We saw value in becoming Q-Certified and we've pressed on, acheiving personal and professional goals and all the while Valiant has thrived because because of the support of our customers – folks like you who value the quality and craftsmanship of our work.

Our cafe is gleaming on the horizon and we couldn't be more stoked! 

Valiant has come so far from the humble garage beginnings and we realize now is the time to invite you to join us in the home stretch. We need wind in our sails to reach shore, and that's where The Builder Project comes in:

As you’ve purchased coffee over the years you’ve been investing in our dream and we believe you’re as excited as we are about the next phase of our journey. While we’ve been able to secure a small provision many of you are savvy enough to know we’ll need to bolster the storehouse for the cafe buildout – hence The Builder Project. 

We’ve put together a little selection so you have the option of a Valiant hat or a custom printed Miir mug to choose from and we’re including a personal handwritten note as a little ‘thank you’ for helping us bring this cafe dream to life.

Every purchase of The Builder Project gets us one step closer to opening day! Buy one, or buy one of each, your support means the world to us. We are seriously so excited to see you, and serve you face to face.

Also, maybe you feel like you want to support a little more, there’s an option to include a custom tip amount at checkout, we’re adding every penny to our building fund!

As a business owner honestly don't have the right words to express my gratitude, but I know I can brew a damn fine cup of coffee and I’m excited to serve you in our new Loomis cafe. Alraight {{ data.customer.first_name|default:'then' }}, have a wonderful Tuesday!

Many many thanks, and good coffee drinking : )

Erik Werner // Owner 

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