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What We Really Mean When We Say...

What is the first question we usually ask when we ask someone out on a date but we're not really saying "date" but we also want to let them know that we want to get to know them?

Most often the way we say "hey, I like you and I wanna get to know you a little better but I don't want to say 'date' because that's a little intense right now and I don't know if you are terrified of intimacy but I sure as hell am" is

" you wanna get coffee?"

My dad had a habit of leaving the house at night and announcing to everyone in it that he was "going out drinking".

My dad did not drink. He hated the taste of alcohol so he thought it was funny to tell a house that knew full well he was not about to go anywhere near a bar that he was going to go out and have a wild night (and by "wild night" he meant mixing the regular with decaf and nerding out with a friend).

How often, when we start to figure out that we get along pretty well with someone at work or martial arts class or Magic: The Gathering tournaments, or whatever, that when we want to take it to the next level, whether that's romantic or just friends, the code is so often, "let's get coffee".

Maybe it's human nature to avoid acknowledgement that we actually like or care for someone but for some reason it's easier to say "do you like coffee? lets have coffee" rather than "do you like me?".

On second thought, it would be weird if somebody said that.

For now, if you see me and I say "let's get coffee", feel free to interpret that as "let's be friends now".

Drink Valiantly folks.




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