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Redding Relief

Residents wake up to a hazy layer of grey. A sky looming with darkness, as if a thunderstorm were about to be unleashed. Homes that once stood strong, housing families like yours and mine, are disintegrated down to weak and shivering foundations. The ashy residue, suffocates anything within its reach. This is hardly a glimpse of the state of emergency that California is in. There is no way to encompass all of the devastation. These are just a few of the byproducts of the vicious California fire season.

Per CNBC, “the largest blaze at present in the Golden State is the so-called County fire that had exploded to 60,000 acres, according to Cal Fire. More than 2,115 crews are battling the blaze in three counties, Yolo, Napa and Lake, all now back in drought conditions.”

That is only 1 of 10 known fires across the state of California. There are still more that are yet to be officially listed by Cal Fire.  

Heat and Flame do not discriminate, and with that not only comes the destruction of precious wildlife and nature, but the loss of homes, businesses, schools, places of worship and even the people that once inhabited those places. All of them, victims.

We at Valiant are a unit. We are only successful when we work fluidly with one another, just like the human race, we are meant to be one. We can only accomplish this when we are together.

At Valiant we are a group of roasters, nerds, writers, content creators, artists, some young, some old, but we are all people just like those who have been stripped of their humanity because of these fires. There is no division between us and the victims. This fire could just as easily be in one of our backyards, it just happens to be theirs.

By working together with our customers and team members, recognizing the severity of these fires, Valiant wants to help by doing what we do bestprovide coffee.

Coffee is a routine, it provides a sense of comfort and consistency. Whether that be a cup to start the day, a pot brewed with friends after dinner, an afternoon pick-me-up, it is something we rely on throughout our day.

To help those who have lost seemingly all sense of regularity and routine, we want to be able to provide the smallest sense of certainty in their lives. The tiniest alleviation of stress and the serendipity in a warm cup of coffee is the least that we, together as people, can do for our fellow brothers and sisters that are undergoing something we can’t truly comprehend.

This campaign is solely to assist those in need. It is structured around four different types of giving. The focus of each being compassion, simplicity and helpfulness.

You can gift one of our coffee subscriptions to a family, individual, or firefighter. This provides them with premium crafted and hand selected coffee from our roasters every week for as long as you are able to give. Whether it be a week, a month or a year, every bit of your giving helps.    

Option two is centered around your enjoyment. You buy and we give. Buy any bag of our coffee for yourself to enjoy, just as you regularly would, and we will donate a bag of coffee to those in need. The more you purchase, the more we give. The more you enjoy, the more we are able to help.

The next is a beautiful way to express a vivid sense of compassion and aid. Similar to our second option, you get what you need, and those in need, get provision. By your purchasing of a 12 ounce bag of coffee, we will brew one pot of coffee for a team of firefighters to have whenever they need it. We often forget that it is not only the families immediately affected by the fires suffering, but the first responders and their families who are going through an extremely challenging and traumatic experience as well.

Through the effortless restocking of your own coffee supplies, you can be the source for a new sense of comfort and consistency for people who don’t have much at all. You can provide the coffee as people start their days, as firefighters risk their lives in hopes to contain this devastation, and as people try to keep moving forward.

Our final area of aid is focused heavily on compassion and love. We want those who may not be feeling any positivity to receive some from you, our customers. By dropping of a mug at our roastery in Loomis with a handwritten note from you and our Valiant team, we will deliver the mugs to people in the midst of this destruction, as a beacon of hope and positivity. Reminders that we are all people, and we all need the help of one another, letting them know they are not in this alone.

Our hope is that with your help, we could make the most minuscule of steps towards impacting and helping those who need it more than we can imagine. Anything and everything helps, and by starting with the of a click of a button, we can reach those who need our love.

 Get started now and donate.