Something Caffeinated This Way Comes

August 28, 2017 2 min read

Something Caffeinated This Way Comes

Welcome to the Valiant Blog. My name is Josiah and I will be popping up here pretty frequently in the coming months.
Here's a little bit of what you can expect from me:
Coffee spotlight:
Every few weeks we will take a coffee or blend and provide and in-depth look at where it's from how it's made, why we made it the way we did, what the varietal is and our recommendation on brewing.
A History of Coffee
When did we start to drink it? Are the stories about monks finding hyperactive goats true? How did it spread? Think of this like a ten part documentary series detailing the rise and spread of our morning fuel. 
Regional Events:
Oftentimes we are unaware of the conflicts surrounding the farms that produce our coffee. These posts will shed a little light on events in the regions we source our coffee from making us more conscious coffee drinkers.
Roaster's call:
Notes and news from our roaster on what to expect in the near future.
Coffee Culture:
How do you drink coffee? how is that different from how the people that farm your coffee drink it? Sure we might be used to drinking "the blessed bean" brewed in controlled environments but how does that affect our ability to enjoy it with a friend? Let's have a conversation about why and how we drink.
Tips and Tricks:
What do you do when you want your favorite specialty coffee when you are out camping? What happens when you don't have your favorite equipment? How do you improvise and still end up with a solid cup that you're happy with?
So that's generally what you'll be seeing here but there will be some odds and ends showing up so stay tuned and, as always folks,
Drink Valiantly!

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