Costa Rica Terrazu Del Diamante

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Red Catuai
Above 1350 meters
Wet Process/ Patio Dried

  • This coffee comes from the Montanas del Diamante Estate located in the Dota Valley, Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Prepared under strict European Process, this coffee is classified as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). It has been fully washed and patio dried and is 100% Red Catui.
  • This Costa Rica from the Terrazu Del Diamante Estate has notes of cacao along with the sweetness and balance of raisin and granola, this coffee will flavorfully sooth you into your day.
  • Costa Rica is highly regarded in the coffee community because of its incredible drainage and volcanic soil making it an ideal range for bean growth. All you need to know is that the taste is smooth, light and fruity, making this bean one that you will enjoy no matter what the occasion.

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