Doxology is a blend we created that is just this side of dark roast.  It has a bold spicy flavor with a complex finish and full body.  A true crowd pleaser, Coffee so good you'll be singing praises to the one who created taste buds!  

We've also partnered with several non-profit organization (Compassion Causes, AIM, Potter's Field Ministries) all of which aim to help men and women around the globe live Valiant Gospel centered lives in the face of the relentless oppression, brokenness, and turmoil of the fallen human condition.  We give a dollar from each pound sold to these ministries on a rotating basis.  

We are also exploring ways that we can practically partner with them by participating in short term mission ventures.  We are proud and excited to offer this new and productive blend. 

You may recognize the flavor as the previous blend "The Darkside" it is the same blend just with a mission driven purpose. 


Collections: Whole Bean Coffee

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