Today, single origin (SO) coffees are where its at. They are tasted, tested and touted, one against another.  Yet amidst the uncertainty of the SO's quality, year to year, (due to changes in rainfall, weather, and terroir composition, one method of preparation  stands firm.  The good ol' blend.  

Almost as long as coffee has been traded (going on 400 years now) blended beans stand the test of time as one of the most important traditions to our coffee community.  The first recorded blend was created by Dutch sailors as they return from the Isle of Java.  Their ships laden with raw coffee bound for Europe, they would stop at the Port of Mokha in Yemen to add to their freight.  On the voyage home, they'd would mix a bit of each origin, roast it on whatever stove or fire was available, and brew up the famed Mocha Java.  Just like that blending was born!

We've taken a few lessons from the book and developed a few quality blends of our own.  Take a look at what we've got to offer and enjoy! 

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