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AA // 01 - GOLOCHA


Current: Golocha Harrar

Notes: Blueberry, Honey, Lavender


Gololcha is one of the IPS (Industrial Projects Services) coffee development projects found in Arsi zone, Harrar. This coffee comes from 10 smallholder farmers, each with an average of 5 hectares of land. Farms range between 1,550 and 2,050 masl (Meters Above Sea Level) and cultivate heirloom varietals such as Buna Guracha, Shumbure, Arso, and Abadir.

This coffee uses a traditional Ethiopian natural process. Ripe cherries are sun-dried on raised beds for 8-12 days depending on conditions. During this time they are handpicked and raked to ensure a consistent drying process. After drying the coffee is milled by Samson Girma.