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Founders Club

The typical American spends around $22 a week on coffee!  And that number assumes you only drink 1 cup a day. If you're like us and enjoy 2 or more, well...  We just won't go there.  But  Valiant Coffee is here to help!  We want to save you time, money and the bother of buying a bad brew.  

Welcome to the Founders Club.  We want to change the way you drink coffee.  

The cost to Join the Club is $199 and starting December 2nd, you will receive 12 ounces of fresh-roasted, top-grade coffee from around the world, week to week, for only $12.  You'll also receive a brew-it-yourself bundle (complete with grinder, kettle, Chemex and cups), and you'll get a LIFETIME 15% discount on all of our coffee FOREVER!

 It is our mission to provide you with excellent coffee, equip you with awesome gear and give you the know-how so you can make that perfect cup day after day.  

We not only invite you to Drink Valiant, but to live Valiant.  Join us in our journey toward a better cup.  #DrinkValiantly

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