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This is a special option.  By purchasing, you are committing to gifting coffee to a family in Redding on a regular basis.  You've got a generous heart.  

For now, just put your own address as the shipping address.  We will update information once we get in contact with a family from Redding, and how we can get coffee their way. 

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Lets Help Redding Together

We are limited in our resources, but what we have, we want to share.  Coffee is one of the simplest forms of relief, we can often find comfort in the morning brew, rest in the evening decaf, fellowship around desserts and in cafes.  We want to extend that love to those displaced in Redding.  

For a limited time, when you buy a bag, Valiant has committed to give a bag to those who've suffered loss from this disaster.  We are also planning to crew up and set up a coffee tent to help fuel the firefighters who are risking their lives in service of our fellow Californians.  

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