Over the years we've had the pleasure to eat at some incredible restaurants and while we know there are many components that contribute to a dining experience, its not surprise that the 'cup o joe' is a highlight for us.  Whether we're out for breakfast eating stacks of french toast or out late loosening our belts to make room for that decadent dessert, ten times out of ten we've got coffee on our bill.  That cup is an integral part of the meal and usually a factors in to our decision to return.

Now, not everyone may value a great cup of coffee the way we do, but often coffee is the first or last impression your patron is experiences.

Here at Valiant, we take our craft seriously, and we believe that amazing coffee will enhance the experience of any meal served in your establishment.

We'd love to help you grow, whether by providing you with fresh roasted coffee, training your staff, tuning up your equipment, or even supplying you with new equipment, we are here to help.  

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