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The Valiant Story

Luke and Erik founded Valiant Coffee in 2014 when we realized our our overwhelming desire to make fresh roasted coffee easily and readily available. Like you, our coffee buying experience would lead us to local shops or speciality grocery stores that often carried well known brands, but purchase after purchase we found the reward was an over-priced, out-of-date bag of mediocrity.  Granted, there were occasional stars, often flavors were lacking.

While we will always support our local shops, we also believe that you don't need to be tied to one to enjoy an excellent cup. We are confident that with the correct knowledge and training, anyone with access to fresh roasted coffee and the right brewing equipment can produce a excellent cup anytime. We determined to make it that a reality, and the result was the Founders Club.

Why was it so heard to get coffee fresh?  Why were some coffee's epic and other not so much? 



Consistency is the heartbeat of Valiant and we believe that the key to consistency is staying small. Small batches allow for greater precision in our roasts and the result is an excellent bean which translates to an excellent cup of coffee. When it comes down to it, Valiant will always choose quality over quantity and we believe that you, our Founders Club members desire the same.

By joining the Founders Club you will receive fresh-roasted, top-grade coffee from around the world, on a weekly basis. You will also receive a brew-it-yourself bundle, with all the essentials you need to make that excellent cup in the comfort of your home. But most of all, as a Founders Club member you will have access to our knowledge for brew techniques by way of free classes hosted at our roasting facility.

This is what Founders Club is all about, let us provide you with epic coffee, equip you with awesome gear and train you how to use it all to brew an excellent and consistent cup of coffee every day. 

We not only invite you to Drink Valiant, but lets live Valiant.  Join us in our journey toward excellence.  #DrinkValiantly


adjective: possessing or showing courage or determination.
  1. "They charged on with valiant effort!"
    Synonyms: brave, courageous, valorous, intrepid, lionhearted, bold, fearless, daring; unflinching, unshrinking, unafraid, undaunted, tough, stouthearted, spirited,  

Valiant Coffee is made of people who are not particularly strong or mighty of our own accord, our own doing, but our mission is to be made into a mighty group of people.  Not just in the coffee world, but in  

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