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The Blends

Maybe you're one of those who like the same thing every day.  We've got two great options, French Roast, and our Espresso Blend.  Both are special to Valiant and have been a part of our roasting repertoire since day one.  Both are really amazing, and both never change, just like you.

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Roasters Choice

On the other hand, maybe you like to surprises. You should pick Roasters Choice. Every shipment promises a different coffee. We’ll take you from the ancient coffee growing plateaus of Ethiopia, to the fertile mountains of Latin America. Each coffee will keep you on your toes and keep your taste buds tingling. Roaster’s Choice will feature single origin coffee roasted to perfection.     

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Roasted Dark

Maybe you’re a little skittish when it comes to your coffee. You like variation. You like some change, but you really, really like your coffee roasted dark. Have no fear, we can bring you along on our coffee adventure, but we’ll make sure your beans are roasted on the dark side of things. Roasted Dark is a great introduction to the world of specialty coffee.

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