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This Blend will be available in two concentrations or Brew Ratios.  (The Brew Ratio is a quantitative relationship between the mass of Coffee to the mass of water before brewing begins.  This is shown in numerical value as water to coffee, so in an 18:1 Brew Ratio, There are 18 g of water added per 1 g coffee.)

Option 1 - STRONG concentration. This has been calculated at a 10:1 brew ratio for a 5 Gallon Batch. This concentration is ideal if you are serving/enjoying your cold brew over ice. Or maybe you just like a little higher octane in your cup.

Option 2 - NITRO-READY concentration. This has been calculated at a 16:1 brew ratio for optimal performance on a Nitro Tap.  We have tested multiple brew ratios side by side, and time and again, 16:1 consistently shined above the rest.  This concentration responds well to NO2 at about 25-30 psi and if you do not have an inline nitro-infuser, we offer nitro lids, with kegs pre-pressurized and infused.


You can also have control of how your cold brew coffee is prepared.  Are you a DIY person, the get the kit WHOLE BEAN, new to cold brew or don't have a high-quality grinder, get the kit READY-TO-BREW.  Just want to enjoy cold brew without the hassle of making it?  Let us make a keg for you.

Option 1 - WHOLE BEAN KIT. We've conveniently prepared a kit for you, simply grind your coffee, evenly distribute those grinds into the included 80-micron mesh bags, and fully immerse them in 5 gallons of water for your desired brew time, and be rewarded with amazing cold brew ready to serve.

Option 2 - READY-TO BREW KIT. This kit is the same as above, except the coffee has been pre-ground at the ideal size for an 18-hour immersion and evenly distributed into our 80-micron mesh bags.  Simply remove the filter bags and immerse them in 5 gallons of cold filtered water in a refrigerator and after 18 hours you'll have perfectly brewed cold brew, ready to serve. 

Option 3 - PRE-BREWED. Get Coffee pre-brewed in 5 Gallon Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs.  We do the heavy lifting and brew, filter, fill and pressurize a keg for you, ready to use.  Couldn't be easier.   


Details coming soon