Shipping Protocols

The Science Behind Shipping

So you've ordered some coffee, and you're wondering when you're gonna get it, well you've come to the right spot.  

At Valiant we are all about fresh, and if you've ever had fresh coffee, you know what why we take this seriously.  As coffee roasts, there are a bunch of changes that take place, but one is a process called cracking.  A coffee seed (bean being the operative misnomer) is a plant based organic compound and as such, it has a complex cellular structure composed of fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and water.  As the coffee roasts, the water left in the bean (on the cellular level) begins to heat up and turn into steam, that steam pressure builds within the cells and when the pressure reaches a point that the structure of the cell wall can no longer withstand, there is a cascading structural failure in the whole seed. Cell walls burst in a domino effect, steam is released, and the core of the cells are now open to the elements. This is heard audibly as a subtle crack or pop in the roasting drum.

Once this takes place, a bean can either continue its journey and be roasted into Second Crack, or it can be dropped, and begin a cool down.  

When we drop the bean, ambient air cools the coffee down, and it becomes safe to handle and is ready to bag.  Why does all this matter?  Well from the time of dropping out of the roaster, to the time you drink it, the coffee will peak within 2-5 days.  Typically, traditionally, roasters will hold the coffee for 2 days while carbon dioxide is allowed to escape the beans (a byproduct of roasting process).  

cont... Instead of waiting for 2 days, we bag your coffee up right away, and get it ready to ship.  Why the rush?  Well, typically, it takes about 2 days for a shipment to makes it way to your front door.  Hold up! 2 days?  Isn't that the start of the peak for flavor and freshness!  Why yes it is.  We planned it out really well.  So when you are getting your coffee and you see a roasted on Date, it should be enjoyed 2-5 days after that.  The coffee will still be awesome up 14 days later, but you may notice the flavors start to flatten out a bit.  

So from the time you place an order, to the time it gets in the mail and makes its way to your door will be somewhere between 48-72 hours.  (This of course depends on when you order.)  To get an order fast, place it first thing in the morning.  We'll add your coffee to the que and make sure its dropped at the local post the same day!  If you order after 3pm, we'll be adding it to our list for the next morning.  

Bet you didn't think you'd be getting a science lesson when reading about shipping  : ).

Alright friends.  Enough for now.  More to come soon!