Subscription Policies


Below we have written out our subscription (coffee club) policies and protocols for your reference. If you need more information or require answers to questions not covered below, please contact our Subscription Team at 916-800-7575 or email us at support@valiantcoffee.com



All coffee prices listed on our Subscription Pages are non-negotiable. Shipping, handling and delivery costs are additional, and will run 50% off of Standard Rates. We reserve the right to change pricing on any subscription product in the event that a customer wishes to substitute a standard product for a specific product. There are tiered discounts for larger orders, i.e. the price per 12oz bag decreases when you buy more, up to 3x12oz bags.  Global Price changes on subscription products will be given 60 days notice unless otherwise specified.

Creating A Subscription Order

All orders should be placed through our website, www.valiantcoffee.com.  If you need to create a specific subscription order with multiple products on different processing intervals, please create separate orders.

Modifying an Order in Advance

Any and all orders can be modified through your customer portal on the valiant coffee website.  Login, and from your account page click “Manage Subscription” Which should be working now!

Discounted Shipping

Moving forward all subscribers will receive 50% off shipping or delivery!  We will be using UPS as our standard carrier when you select “Coffee Club Shipping”.  But if you wish to continue to utilize USPS you can select that at checkout.  

Changing An Order

Given the speed in which we process orders, once an order is created in our system, it typically cannot be modified. But again, if you wish to modify an order before it is processed, you may do so from your customer portal



Subscription Orders are roasted, packed, and shipped Every Tuesday in Loomis, California.  We are set up on a weekly roast interval.  If you subscribe to the coffee club, your first order will ship that day, and the next order will reset to the standard subscription processing day (Tuesday).

  • Orders processed automatically by 5:00am (PST) will be roasted and delivered that day.
  • New Orders received after 5:00am (PST) Tuesday-Monday will be roasted and shipped the next business day and only be eligible for local delivery on the next processing cycle (dependent on cycle interval).


We ship subscriptions via UPS ground.  Shipping cost for subscribers is 50% off of standard rates.  If you prefer to use a different carrier, please select that service at checkout to and you will still be eligible for for 50% off shipping. But for reliability sake we are using UPS.

Wednesday Doorstep Delivery (Local Delivery)

Local delivery is available for select customers based on your shipping ZIP code.  The following codes are available for Local Delivery: 

95650, 95677, 95663, 95678, 95661, 95610, 95621, 95842, 95841, 95608, 95628, 95662, 95746, 95603, 95660, 95670, 95628, 95608, 95630, 95826


Credit Card 

By default all subscriptions will be charged to your Credit Card. Your card will be charged when an order is placed and then saved in the system under encryption.  We will not be able to access this information, but you are able to modify, update or change your payment method as long as you input changes before 11:59pm the night before the order is to be processed. 

Please email support@valiantcoffee.com for help resolving a payment issue.  If you would like to create a standing order using the subscription system, please specify this in an email to erik@valiantcoffee.com and we will provide directions to set up a standing order. 

Returns & Refunds

For refunds related to billing errors, please email support@valiantcoffee.com or call 916-800-7575.

For refunds we will require your order number and which items(s) you would like a refund on and why. Refund requests will be considered on coffee orders up to 20 calendar days after the processing date.

In order to process a refund we will need:

  • The Order # in question
  • Description/Photo of the items in question.
  • Reason for request for refund. 

Thank you for taking the time to sort through this.  This page may be updated periodically, in which case you will be notified via email.