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Roasters Choice

Do you like surprises? If so, you should definitely go with Roaster’s Choice! Every shipment promises a unique coffee and an entirely new experience . We’ll take you from the ancient coffee-growing plateaus of Ethiopia to the fertile mountains of Latin America. Each coffee will keep you on your toes and keep your taste buds tingling. Roaster’s Choice will feature single origin coffee roasted to perfection.

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Roasted Dark

Maybe you’re a bit hesitant to dive right into the world of speciality coffee. You like variation, you like some change, but you really, really like your coffee roasted dark. Have no fear! With this option, we’ll have the opportunity to bring you along on our coffee adventure while also making sure your beans stay roasted on the dark side of things. For classic coffee drinkers, Roasted Dark is a great introduction to the world of specialty coffee.

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Do you like keeping things consistent? We’ve got just the thing: The Valiant Original Espresso, a balanced blend full of flavor, contrast and body. By going with this option, you’re promising yourself the luxury of starting every day with the bold, juicy flavor of a Valiant classic.

Pick The Original Espresso

The Stoutheart

French roast was first created by Arab traders who wanted to keep a tight grip on their coffee market. We consider the Stoutheart an honorable nod back towards the humble roots of coffee history. It has a full body and strong finish. Rich and robust, it is not a blend to be taken lightly. Brew in a French Press, old-school perc or Mr. Coffee Brewer. Drink piping hot.

Pick The Stoutheart

The Circadian Trail

Maybe you don’t like caffeine. Or maybe you just want to be able to enjoy a delicious cup of Valiant all the way until bedtime! Whatever you’re reason, our Decaf Blend is a safe way to go. We take Decaf seriously. With this option, you’re promised to wake up to a cup as satisfying as any Valiant exclusive. No chemicals, no off-putting aftertaste, just one wonderfully delicious cup-a-joe.

Pick The Circadian Trail

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