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The Office. Diligence is key to a successful work environment. We want to see you and your staff dominate the corporate workplace, and what better way to succeed than staying fueled by epic coffee! Your people drink lots of coffee (as they should); it keeps the mind focused and the hands busy. We’re here for you. We serve you by providing the best damn coffee around! Say “goodbye” to that k-cup brewer and “hello” to Valiant Coffee. We can also set you up with a sweet Chemex brewer and brew gear (all you have to do is ask!). Join the Valiant Coffee Club and start fueling your crew with awesomeness!

We roast coffee to order. It’s always fresh and always epic. We'll ship it right to your workplace. The more you buy, the better the price. 5lbs is enough for 16 batch brews on a 74 oz airpot or a heck-of-a-lot of pour overs (about 75 x 12oz cups)!

Flavors will vary depending on which coffee you pick, but with Valiant you are always guaranteed a cup of absolute excellence! We only buy the highest grade coffee and we carefully roast it one batch at a time. Always fresh, always amazing. Subscribe Now!

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