Circadian Decaf


Often when considering specialty coffee, the last thing we think is decaf.  From time immemorial decaf has been an abomination to coffee drinkers.  That, in part, has been due to the nasty processes coffee endured to extract said caffeine.  

Enter Swiss Water Process.  Leave it to the Swiss, cellophane, velcro, knives, watches, and in 1979, Decaf Coffee that didn't taste like total garbage.  

Other methods use stuff like Methyl Chloride or Ethyl Acetate, yum, but the Swiss Water Process uses only that, pure delicious water, to extract caffeine, Hooray for Coffee! Now this method will dissolve caffeine, but it will also dissolve other organic compounds that give a fine coffee its individual flavors.  But once that caffeine is filtered out, all those compounds can be reintroduced to the bean and the end product is a coffee that still has all of its unique deliciousness but without the caffeine.

What does that mean for you and me?  Well, when its late in the day and you want to brew a cup, but avoid the jitters, Swiss Water Process has got you covered.  And Valiant only roasts with Swiss Water Process beans.  So buy up a bag and get the goodness brewing, even late at night.  

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