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This matcha is the perfect blend for an incredible cup. Full of flavor, bright color, and rich finish, this ceremonial grade matcha is sure to conjure the perfect balance of alertness and energy without the midafternoon caffeine crash.

GRADE: Ceremonial

FLAVOR NOTES: smooth, velvety, mildly sweet, balanced and grassy. 

Medium Roast

This is an all around delicious coffee. If you've ever dined at Restaurant Josephine in Auburn, you've had this coffee. Full body, deep flavors, an absolute crowd pleaser.

Dark Roast

This coffee is roasted dark for the bold at heart. We crafted the Dark Roast to be an homage to our roots in coffee. Pairs well with a sweet treat, and holds up to milk & sugar if you like to add that sort of thing.


Death before decaf? We think not! That just means you've never had Valiant Coffee's decaf. We do decaf justice with this is Sugar Cane Method Colombian coffee. It is hands down the best decaf you'll ever taste.

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Fundraiser Shipping


We'll ship your coffee to you using UPS. We'll roast RYSC orders every Tuesday & Thursday and deliver them to UPS the following day.

Local Delivery

Our delivery team will pack and deliver your coffee directly to your door. We're roasting RYSC Orders every Tuesday & Thursday, then delivering the following day.

RYSC Pickup

We'll hold your order until the end of the fundraiser, and schedule a pickup day via email. This will be a one day event, so stay tuned and we'll keep you posted!