The Original Spro

  • Back in 2014 our first big coffee purchase was a 152 pound bag of Sumatra.  It was bold, it was potent, it was herbaceous, it had us hooked. After a few months experimenting with blends this formidable bean made its way into our espresso, and did it deliver.  We were ecstatic to find this Sumatra added body, freshness and dimension that no other bean could muster.  Behold our Original Spro.  Give it a shot and Drink Valiant.
  • We have noted a distinct juicy-ness, with an intense full body. Sometimes like biting into a cool granny smith apple on a hot day, the zing of fresh picked raspberries.  The scent of hand rolled cigars upon grinding, among the rich deep aromas of chocolate and spices.  Enjoy this with a fresh Chocolate Chip Cookie or Gingersnap.
  • A Blend of Indonesian and Central American beans.  Always top grade.  All Central American are SHB EP.  All Indonesian beans are highest grade and fermented.  Typically all beans grown >1500MASL.  Please not origins may vary season to season, but flavors will stay in the same range.


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