OI // 01 - SUMATRA


Current: Sumatra - Mandheling

Notes: Cedar, Tobacco, Herbal


This organic Lot hails for a region near Lake Toba, a volcanic crater lake in the northern regions of Sumatra.  The Mandheling, rather than a location is actually a traditional cultural group that inhabit the area around the lake.  This bean is an Organic Grade 1 washed and fermented bean.

The fermenting process, dissimilar from a standard washed process, actually allows for naturally occurring microbial yeasts and bacteria to break down the sugars in the mucilage layer surrounding a coffee seed.  This method is employed either for the desired effect OR out of necessity due to a lack of resources like water.  This process is closely monitored, and carefully handled to ensure that beans do not spoil.  It can add a deep level of acidic complexity to a coffee and require great skill to achieve the desired result.