Roaster's Choice

  • We'll pick for you.  Every week we get fresh green in the warehouse.  Every week we cup new coffees and scope out which beans are popping and which are flopping.  Every week we're improving, growing, learning, changing the what, when and how.  We are striving to perfect our craft, and after four years at the helm of this homemade rig, we are pretty confident we can astound your tastebuds week after week.  So let us pick for you, and we'll send you a new bean, blend or batch every other week and keep you on your caffeinated toes.  If you like learning, exploring, experimenting, go with Roaster's choice, we promise to never let you senses fall flat. Choose Roasters Choice.
  • We have found that Roaster's Choice seems to have a distinguished aroma of exploration, an earthiness that only comes from miles and miles of adventure.  From the fresh spring blossoms of the fields, to rich hearty spices of the crowded marketplace.  Experience the full spectacular spectrum coffea arabica has to offer. Choose Roaster's Choice.
  • A smattering of Indonesian, African and Central American bean.  Always top grade.  Always grown at High Altitude.  Always epic.  Always roasted to order.  Choose Roaster's Choice.
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