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South Placer Fire District


Please be advised. This product is ONLY for Fire Department members, if you are placing an order, please put "SPFD Station #" as the Second Line of Shipping Address during checkout.

Thank you for serving our community! It would be an honor for us to serve you some excellent coffee to drink as you're up all hours of the night.  

Decaf Blend - The best damn decaf you've ever tasted.  We only buy Swiss Water Process Decaf.  This method of caffeine extraction removes 99.9% of all caffeine without permanently removing any flavor compounds. This maintains an extremely high quality of flavor, but without caffeine.  

The Vanguard - We created this blend using some amazing beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.  Roasted just shy of french, this coffee has a solid body, strong flavor and long complex finish. That means, it will hold up to creamer, but in all honesty it doesn't need.  This coffee will give you that morning kick you need to get out the door.

The Stoutheart - A classic blend, roasted dark for the bold at heart.  This blend is similar to the Vanguard, but its roasted dark, classic dark. True french.  It has a intense rich flavor, and heavy body that will take you back to that first cup you ever enjoyed.


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