Roasted Dark

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  • After eight years at the roaster and behind the bar, we know how folks like their dark roast.  Dark roast you say?  This is supposed to be specialty coffee!  The reality is that dark roast has a rich history (and flavor) in coffee tradition and we want to honor that. We also know it takes time to As coffee is roasted past first crack and into second, the chemicals that attribute acidity and brightness are burned off, and rich pungent pervasive flavors dominate a brew.  We only roast the highest grade coffee available, and this means that only the best flavors will pull through in your cup of dark brew.  We hope you enjoy what we have to present.
  • We have found that Roasted Dark has a distinguished aroma of exploration. An earthiness that only comes from miles and miles of adventure.  Always roasted dark, always epic.  Experience the full spectacular spectrum coffea arabica has to offer. Choose Roasted Dark.
  • This option has rotating origins always Roasted Dark.  

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