The Stoutheart

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  • Go back, back to when you were young and had to peer on tippy toes to see on the kitchen table, Mom or Dad had a steaming hot cup of something you would always be longing discover.  The days when the smell of fresh ground coffee was a mysterious and captivating aroma that filled the house on cold mornings.  When coffee would "stunt your growth."  When French Roast was considered caffeinated perfection. When you had that first cup, with a pound of sugar and gallon of milk.  This is The Stoutheart. It takes us back to our coffee drinking roots.  Remember where you came from and drink heartily.  The Stoutheart, roasted dark for the Bold at Heart.
  • We have found this blend to be an epic reminder of the humble roots of coffee history.  First created by Arab traders who wanted to keep a tight grip on their coffee market.  This Blend is Bold, Dark and Deep.  It has a full body and strong finish.  Rich and robust it is a blend not be taken lightly.  Brew in a French Press, old-school perc or Mr. Coffee Brewer.  Drink piping hot. 
  • Primarily Central American, we keep a steady rotation of beans for this blend.  We roast it dark. Maillard reactions have developed to cause the bean to appear black and shiny.  All beans are SHG EP and top grade Arabica. 


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