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How we Process / Fulfill Orders

Orders placed  BEFORE 8am M-Th are Processed (Roasted / Bagged) and Fulfilled within 1 Business Day.

Orders placed  AFTER 8am M-Th are Processed (Roasted / Bagged) and Fulfilled within 2 business days.


“Processing” or “In Process” indicates when we are roasting and bagging an order.


“Fulfilled” identifies an order that has left our door and is being shipped or delivered to you. If an order has been “Fulfilled” we consider that order complete, and out of our doors.

Local Delivery

If you select “Local Delivery” you will receive an “out for delivery” email. This means that our driver is en route to you.  Our delivery driver operates M-Th 10am - 2pm. 

Warehouse Pick-Up

For “Pick-up” orders, you will receive a confirmation email that indicates your order is “ready for pickup”.  Your order may be picked up once you receive this confirmation email, between the hours of 10 am - 4 pm.