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Have you ever brewed a cup of coffee so wonderful, you thought, "This is the best coffee I've ever had..."? Have you then tried to recreate that cup and found the next cup was less than?  I know I have.

I don't know about you but the perfectionist in me is bothered by the simple knowledge that my coffee equipment is not sparkling clean. It's the knowledge that I COULD have a perfect cup if I wasn't getting the taste of a hundred other cups in with my perfectly brewed morning coffee.

Now, I could acknowledge the fact that I still have...

We started Valiant in the cold rainy months of Fall 2014. Like you, our coffee-buying experience had led us to local shops or grocery stores that often carried well-known brands. We'd deliberate bag, brand, and origin, hemming and hawing until we'd settle on one sweet little bundle to take home.

But, as time went by and bags were emptied, we found the reward was less than splendid…

The Valiant Way is a simple one:Be Excellent.  This principle is one that permeates every aspect of our lives. Both in and out of the roastery, in our homes, in our relationships, in all that we do, our aim is to Be Excellent.

Before focusing in on our method and mindset for production, it helps to know a bit about the coffee journey...