Wholesale Policies & Protocols

Effective April 1st, 2022

Below, we (Valiant Coffee) have listed our wholesale policies and protocols. If you need more information or require answers to questions not covered below, please contact our Team at 916-800-7575 or info@valiantcoffee.com.


Operating Hours

We are open for business Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm. You can order online 24/7. If you would like to book an appointment or meeting, please reach out to info@valiantcoffee.com.


All coffee prices are listed on our site and are non-negotiable. Shipping, handling and delivery costs are additional, but any order over $250 will be eligible for free shipping (continental United States) or local delivery (based on shipping address ZIP code). We reserve the right to change pricing on any wholesale product without prior notice. There are no other discounts unless otherwise specified.


All of our coffees are subject to seasonal availability and we reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any order, to reject all or part of an order, to discontinue offering certain coffees or products without prior notice.

Order Minimums and Free Shipping

There are no order minimums, any order over $250 will be eligible for free shipping or delivery.

Creating Orders

All orders must be placed online at www.valiantcoffee.com. You will need to login to your account in order to access wholesale pricing. From there you can add items to your cart and complete checkout. If you have been granted permission to use COD terms, you may utilize that for checkout. If you have not been confirmed for COD terms, you must complete payment at check out for your order to process.

Other Methods for Creating an Order

If any orders are received via text, email, or phone, you will be redirected to place your order through our website.

Changing An Order

Given the speed in which we process orders, once an order is created it cannot be changed. If you would like to increase your order, please do so by creating a new order. For information on order timing, see the Operating Hours section above or the Order Timing section below. If you have any questions about your order, you can contact us at 916-800-7575 or sales@valiantcoffee.com.


Processing Times

Orders typically take 2 business days to be processed and sent out for shipment or delivery from Loomis, California. If you would like for your order to ship or be delivered within the same business week, please place your order on Monday through Wednesday. For information on operating hours, see the Operating Hours section above.

Local Delivery

Local delivery is available if a business is situated within our delivery Zone. Orders are delivered between 10am - 4pm on Tuesday through Thursday. Wholesale customers must specify gate codes, special instructions, and hours of operation in order for items to be delivered in a timely manner. During a delivery, our driver will not accept changes to an order. If you find your order is missing products, and you were not informed prior to delivery, please reach out to info@valiantcoffee.com or call us at 916-800-7575.


We ship coffees and gear throughout the continental United States. Expedited shipping is available at checkout. Please select your desired shipping method at checkout. On occasion, one of our delivery carriers may suspend their normal business operations.

On such occasions, there may be a brief delay before your order ships. We are not responsible or liable for orders once they reach the specified carrier.


On rare occasions, some items on an order may be unavailable to ship. This typically only occurs with non-coffee items, such as equipment or merchandise. In such cases, we will work with you to determine the best option:

Hold all items on the order until the backordered item becomes available.

Ship the available items and hold the order open until the backordered item becomes available (typically if the item will be available in 5 business days or less).

Ship the available items, remove unavailable items from the original order, credit the customer for the items not shipped and create a new order for the backordered items (typically if it will take longer than 5 business days for the item to be available).


By default, all new customers will pay for orders via credit card. Your card will be charged when an order is placed. Payment is due in full at the time of ordering. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Please email info@valiantcoffee.com for help resolving a payment issue. If you would like to create a standing order, please specify this need at the time of your account creation and we will provide you with more detailed directions.

New wholesale accounts are eligible for Credit Terms (Net 15) or Cash-on-Delivery (COD) after your account has reached a total of $3,000 in orders, and each order is over $200.

If you are interested in applying for Net 15 or COD, please contact our team at info@valiantcoffee.com. Every customer requesting Net 15 or COD terms is required to complete an application and sign out Net Terms Contract and return it to info@valiantcoffee.com. Please allow at minimum 14 business days for approval or response. If the credit application is approved, our standard terms are 15 days (Net 15). Customers on payment terms can pay by credit card or check.

Resale Restrictions

Only items designated as “retail items” (e.g., 12oz. bags) may be resold. Wholesale items (e.g., 5 lb. bags) may not be resold. Items resold for retail may not be sold for less than the minimum advertised pricing (MAP). Any Wholesale Customer who violates the resale terms will lose their Wholesale Status immediately.

Private Label/Custom Blends

Valiant Coffee reserves the right to offer or refuse a request for Private Label or custom blending. If you are approved, you will be provided a contract outlining the nature of our agreement. Any wholesale customer who violates these terms will lose their wholesale status immediately

Returns & Refunds

For refunds related to billing errors, please email info@valiantcoffee.com or call 916-800-7575.

For refunds related to other issues with coffee, equipment, parts or accessories, please contact us directly and explain the issue. Refund requests will be considered on coffee orders up to 20 calendar days after the billing date.

In order to process a refund we will need:

  • The Order # in question

  • Description/Photo of the items in question.

  • Reason for request for refund.



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