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Defining Valiant Coffee

Valiant - possessing or showing courage or determination.

When we named our business, we chose this name because it symbolized what we wanted to become. Even though we didn’t consider ourselves “valiant” we knew and believed with time and persistence, we could become Valiant.

The origin of the name came from the story of young David, after he’d killed Goliath, but before he’d been coronated as king. For 16 years he led a ragtag group of rejects through the wilderness, constantly dodging enemies, from one side and the other. At the end of this run, it was written that those who followed him were mighty men of valor. This came not only from being battle hardened, but I believe primarily, learning to survive amidst the challenges of life.

Finding the stuff inside themselves to keep going. Pushing ahead. Continuing to persist. Never giving up. These qualities were ones that I envied. I desired to have them, and 8 years later I’m still developing. Still learning, growing and changing.

I’m so glad for this journey, and I will in no way diminish it by saying it’s “easy” or “simple” or any of that quick fix, quick win bullshit we read about so often. I want you to know, it’s tough, and you can do it! You’re made of tougher stuff than you think, and many of you are probably further down the proverbial road than I am. I hope today you choose to persist. Even though you want to quit, I hope you push through. You can do it! #persist #bebold #bebrave #bekind #bepatient #beintentional #bevaliant #continue #lifeisaprocess #youcandoit #yesyoucan #motivation #humpday #keepgoing

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