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Thankful for you all!

Over a year ago our crew took a family photo.  We all did our best to smile regular, but some of us just can’t help being goofy.  

We wouldn’t couldn’t do what we do without you. Every bag you buy, every time you share, save, re-post our stories, you help us get one step ahead.  Thank you, and we are thankful for you!

It has been quite the year this year. The business had some changes in ownership, we had some changes in our team, and it feels like our family just keeps on growing.  We’re so stoked to be here in the heart of Placer County, and we’re stoked to continue to make wonderful coffee for you to enjoy.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend, and even if it is challenging (because we’ve been there too) we hope you know how glad and grateful we are to have you in our corner. 

You make our world a better place by just being you!  Much love from the Valiant Crew!

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