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The Build, The Life

Starting from scratch is never an easy task.  That is what we have been trying to do, and really, what we've been doing for the last year.  

Literally from the ground up.  We are learning how to run a business.  How to manage a shop, how to manage finances, how to meet city codes and requirements, all the while trying to stay true to the thing we started as, a small hand crafted coffee producing outfit.  

We want to grow organically, but even organic matter requires certain fertilizers to grow.  The same is true for a small business. You need working capital (cash), you need industry knowledge and know how, you need a location, you need customers, you need an excellent product, you need a website, you need friends to come alongside you when you feel like you're going crazy!  And the list goes on and on.  Running a small business is not the same as owning a small business.  Apparently... that's what someone told us.  Sounds like owner's typically don't do so much leg work.  Yes we own this business, but right now it feels like it's owning us! 

We are taking big risks with slim guarantee of reward, but we believe in what we are doing, because we believe in the one who opened the door for us to start this thing in the first place! 

We believe in being Valiant. 

Valiant - possessing or showing courage or determination.

Either we possess courage, or we are completely foolish.  Either we are abnormally determined or we unnaturally and ridiculously stubborn.  We desire to live Valiantly.  
Words have meaning.
We want to be valiant in all that we do.  Not stupid and foolhardy, but Valiant. We are out on a limb here, but we believe it will be worth it.  We've been constantly surrounded by an amazing family who desires to live as Valiant as possible. 

We are excited to do life with you! We are excited to meet you! We are excited to serve you!  Many blessings, and hope to hear from you soon.  In the mean time, buy a bag of beans, or join us over a hot cup-a-joe as we strive to live this thing out for real.


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