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A New Season

The last few weeks have us feeling the seasonal shift. The morning air is a little less biting, the days are a little longer, and there’s the unmistakable bloom of early spring.

Seasonal change is something we welcome here at Valiant. There’s a typical ebb and flow to commerce but running a small business means that our business also represents a very real extension of our lives. Our passion and knowledge is poured into everything we do. Our humanity requires that we change to grow.

Valiant has changed and evolved over these years, growing and expanding just as we grow and expand our understanding of how to share our best work. In the last year we’ve grown our production and grown our team. We’ve pruned our systems and now we’re looking to cultivate our reach to coffee lovers near and far.

We are stepping into a fresh season and exploring some new projects and even with all the change, the things that remain constant are passion and gratitude. Passion to continuously craft an excellent coffee experience and our gratitude for you, the Valiant drinker. Thank you for sharing our passion and enjoying our work!

Here’s to new seasons and fresh starts, cheers!

P.s. If you know another coffee lover who would appreciate our craft we’d love for you to share this post and introduce your friends to Valiant!

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