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ACF Milano manufactures world-renowned specialty porcelain coffee cups that are the first choice of Baristas, the Best Specialty Cafes, Roasteries, and leading Hospitality Enterprises.

The latest range of ACF Cups are now available in the USA and Australia. 

Designed with input from the world's best Baristas, ACF Cups consistently deliver a better experience for both baristas and their customers. Their latest design has a much more rounded base, allowing for the milk to lift the espresso shot releasing more aroma and allowing for perfect latte art. 

ACF Cups are made from the highest quality and most durable porcelain. ACF Cups are fired at the highest temperatures for extended periods to ensure they can withstand repeated use and commercial dishwashing associated with daily cafe use. With ergonomic handles and thick walls, ACF Cups keep your coffee at the optimal drinking temperature for longer and feel beautiful in your hand. 

These cups are incredible for use in your cafe or home, we know you are going to enjoy them for years to come!


  • Cup Height 3.1" (78mm)
  • Cup Diameter 4.3" (110mm)
  • Saucer Diameter 6.9" (175mm)
  • Cup Weight 14.0oz (0.397kg), Saucer 13.3oz (0.378kg)
  • Total = 27.3oz (0.775kg)