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Espresso Machine Maintenance

Your machine is only as good as you keep it, let us maintain your equipment and know that it's up to snuff. We'll change out parts as needed, as well as monitor wear and tear to ensure your machine is running at optimal efficiency. Our service helps keep your machine running, improves its lifespan, and enhances its performance.

Rates below are calculated by the hour based on the number of group heads on a given machine.  Some machines take longer to get into so the rates vary. 1 Group equates to roughly 1.5 hours, to account for 30 mins per steam wand.

This rate does not include parts and does not include drive time. You will be billed for those separately at the time of service. When you purchase this item you will be contacted via email for scheduling.  If follow-up work is required, you will be billed accordingly. 

Thanks for Choosing Valiant Coffee to service you machines! We are stoked to provide you with excellent, professional service using manufacturer components.