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In its second iteration, the Mahlkoenig GH2 features convenient new upgrades that make it the best economy retail grinder. Whether bag grinding, single-cup pour-over, or batch brew, the GH2 suits the job.

85mm Italian-made burrs and a powerful electric motor give the GH2 the ability to crank out over 1lb a minute on coarse settings. Its huge hopper holds up to 4.4 kg of beans, and its range of grind sizes offers anything from Turkish to French Press and beyond. Stepless adjustment allows the most minor tweaks to grind size, making it excellent for dialing in a batch brew or pour-over. The GH2's updated spout is no longer restricted to bag grinding -- anything from a bag or cup can be held or clipped under the spout. The GH2 makes an excellent grinder for customer use because of its clear markings and simple one-button operation. Still, it's also the perfect grinder for any cafe seeking quality, uniform grounds on a budget. The GH2 Includes a tool kit for cleaning and calibration that includes Philips, slotted screwdrivers, a hex wrench, a natural bristle brush, and a user manual. The grinds tray is removable and made of stainless steel. Grinder made in China.